Blacksmith Shop Creating Decorative Wrought Iron. Kennedy Custom Metal is a small one man blacksmith shop. I am an artist maker and handcraft every piece I sell. I am proud to offer exclusive designs and premium wrought iron to meet your specific taste. Please feel free to call or e-mail me to start your wrought iron project. You may bring your own design, or I can work with you to develop your ideas into a design. Developing a design can be fun and easy. Solid wrought iron is an investment that will last for many years and offers superior value compared to ordinary mass-produced decorative iron work. Discover traditional handmade wrought iron! All wrought iron is hand forged in my smithy. Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed. Creedmoor North Carolina, Near Raleigh


Creedmoor, NC 27522-9246


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Kennady Custom Metal is a small blacksmith shop. A combination of traditional hand forging techniques and modern equipment are used to produce a variety of decorative wrought iron. Items for Home, Garden, Backyard, Barn or Cabin include: Trellises, Plant Stands, Arbors, Tables, Benches, Hooks, Trivets, BBQ Tools, Plant Hangers, Picture Frames, Paper Towel Holder, Mirror Frames, Monitor Stands, Hand Rails, Wine Racks, Barstools, Bells, Lamps, Pot Racks, TV Tables, Fireplace Tools, Butterfly Mobile and Unique Gifts. Kennady Custom Metal can create almost any custom forged metal for household use. A few pictures of my unique ironwork are available on this web site. Custom ironwork can offer a decorative touch to your home or garden at a price competitive to ordinary mass produced ironwork. Estimates for custom work are available upon request. Designs can be provided by the customer, designer or developed in-house to meet the customer’s specific needs. The process of creating a piece of wrought iron typically begins with a solid stick of metal 20 feet long. After the metal is cut to the desired length, it is heated in a propane fueled gas forge. Then the red hot iron is hand forged. The finished work can then be coated with a variety of protective finishes. For indoor use, a variety of natural finishes can be applied to reveal the natural color of the metal, which can range from shiny silver to flat black. For outdoor use, the metal can be protected from rusting with a clear acrylic coating, traditional paints or an industrial powder coating. Alternatively the metal can be left uncoated and a natural patina will develop. Find me on the web with a Google or Yahoo search, Kennady Custom Metal, Kennedy Custom Metal, Kennady Blacksmith, Kennedy Blacksmith. Inquire about Shop Tours, Blacksmith Demostrations and Lessons